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Germany telephone numbers
Location of Germany (dark green)
Location -
Country - Germany
Continent - Europe
Access codes -
Country calling - +49
International prefix - 00
Trunk prefix - 0
Dial plan -
Regulator - Bundesnetzagentur
Type - Open
NSN length - 3 to 12
Typical format - (0xx…) xxx…
The German telephone numbering plan is regulated by the German government's Federal Network Agency ( German:Bundesnetzagentur, BNetzA), which holds the responsibility for telecommunications and other infrastructure systems.
1 - Overview
2 - Geographic numbering
3 - Non-geographic numbering
3.1 - Emergency and Network Services
4 - History
6 -
There are no standard lengths for either area codes or subscribers' numbers in Germany, meaning that some subscribers' numbers may be as short as three digits.

Phone numbers in Germany generally have a variable length:Except for some non-geographic area codes, whose subscriber numbers use a fixed format, it is not possible to unambiguously determine the end of a phone number from a prefix or the digits already dialled. This unique feature also allows to extend the length of phone numbers without revoking or changing existing numbers.

There are 5200 geographical area codes, the length of which varies from two to five digits (not including the 0 trunk code), with five-digit area codes only being assigned in the New States (prefix 03 ). In general, geographic area codes start with digits (0)2 to (0)9 , whereas other non-geographic “area codes” are assigned to (0)1 and network services to 11' :

Prefix - Service type -
01 - Non-geographic area codes
02 - Geographic area codes around Düsseldorf
03 - Geographic area codes around Berlin, except 031 and 032
04 - Geographic area codes around Hamburg
05 - Geographic area codes around Hannover
06 - Geographic area codes around Frankfurt am Main
07 - Geographic area codes around Stuttgart, except 0700
08 - Geographic area codes around Munich, except 0800
09 - Geographic area codes around Nuremberg, except 0900
11 - Network services

Geographic numbering
Area codes in Germany

Geographic area codes have a length of two to five digits (not including the 0 trunk code). The maximum total length is eleven digits (not including the 0 trunk code).

Geographic numbers are assigned to carriers in blocks, from which these carriers can make derivative assignments to subscribers.

Subscriber numbers do not start with 0 or 11 and can be called directly from landlines within the same geographic area code.

Originally, the first digits following the area code would indicate a smaller area within these area codes or the type of the subscriber line (analogue or ISDN). However, this is no longer true as subscribers can keep their numbers when moving within an area code or when switching from analogue to ISDN. Further, new carriers assign numbers from different blocks.

(0xx) xxxxxxxx
This is the format used for the for four largest geographic areas in Germany:Berlin (030), Hamburg (040), Frankfurt (069) and Munich (089). Newly assigned numbers have a length of eight digits for the local subscriber number, yielding a total length of ten digits (not including the 0 trunk code). This is shorter than the maximum of eleven digits in other areas in order to avoid local numbers to be longer than eight digits. Numbers assigned in the past, which are generally grandfathered, may be as short as five digits.
(0xxx) xxxxxxxxx
In area codes that use three digits, newly assigned numbers (from May 2010) also have a length of eight digits, yielding a total length of eleven digits. Grandfathered numbers may be as short as four digits (seven total).
(0xxxx) xxxxxxxx
In area codes that use four digits, newly assigned numbers (from May 2010) have a length of seven digits, also yielding a total length of eleven digits. Grandfathered numbers may be as short as three digits (seven total).
(03xxxx) xxxxxx
Some smaller areas in the New States use five-digit area codes, all of which start with 3 . Newly assigned numbers (from May 2010) have a length of six digits, also yielding a total length of eleven digits.

Non-geographic numbering
Area codes in Germany

Non-geographic numbers were originally assigned the prefix 01 . However, some of these services have been moved to other area codes.

010xy , 0100yy
These numbers can be dialled in front of the actual phone number in order to select a carrier (call-by-call).
Area codes starting with 011 overlap the prefix for network services . In general, these numbers cannot be dialled from abroad, with the exception being 0116xxx (or +49-116xxx) for harmonised services of social value.
The prefix 012 has been assigned as a testbed for innovative services such as VoIP or unified messaging, for which no other area codes were available. Allocations were only valid for a maximum of five years, after which new numbers would have to be assigned. Recent requests for registrations have been declined and referred to the premium-rate services under 0900 . When the last remaining allocation expires in 2011, the prefix is planned to be returned to the reserved range.
0137-xxx xxxxxxx , ( 0138-1xxx… )
The area code 0137 is assigned for services, which may result in a high number of connections in a fairly short period of time, e. g. votes or competitions initiated from TV or radio shows. The first digit indicates the rate for a call, the second digit indicates the maximum number of calls that can be handled per time period. There are also sixteen grandfathered numbers in the range 0138-1 , which have originally been allocated by Deutsche Bundespost.
015xx-xxxxxxx , 016xx-xxxxxxx , 017xx-xxxxxxx
Mobile numbers are allocated area codes starting with 015, 016 and 017. The numbers generally have a total length of eleven digits.
Prefix(ex) - Assigned to - MNP -
0150 - Group3G (Quam) (GSM/UMTS), defunct - no
0151 , 0160 , 0170 , 0171 , 0175 - T-Mobile (GSM/UMTS) - yes
0152 , 0162 , 0172 , 0173 , 0174 - Vodafone D2 (GSM/UMTS) - yes
0155 , 0157 , 0163 , 0177 , 0178 - E-Plus (GSM/UMTS, 0157-0 used for MVNO ViStream, 0157-5 for Ring Mobilfunk) - yes
0159 , 0176 , 0179 - o2 Germany (GSM/UMTS) - yes
0161 - reserved, originally 1G cell phones (C-Netz) - no
0164 , 0168 , 0169 - e*message (pagers) - no
0167 - trunked radio systems, currently no assignments - no
018xx-xxxxxxx … 018xxxxxxx-xx
The prefix 018 is used for user groups . The length of the block number and the terminal number is flexible from two to seven digits. However, the sum is always nine digits, yielding a total length of eleven digits including the 18.
The area code 0180 is used for service-orientated services such as call centres, hotlines, etc. Prior to 2010-03-01, these numbers were known as shared cost services , a name that had been obsoleted by falling prices for national calls.
Prefix - Rate - rate from landlines - rate from mobile phones -
0180-1 - time-based rate 1 - 0,039 €/min. - max. 0,42 €/min.
0180-2 - per-call rate 1 - 0,06 €/call - max. 0,42 €/min.
0180-3 - time-based rate 2 - 0,09 €/min. - max. 0,42 €/min.
0180-4 - per-call rate 2 - 0,20 €/call - max. 0,42 €/min.
0180-5 - time-based rate 3 - 0,14 €/min. - max. 0,42 €/min.
0181-xxx-x… , 0181-xxxx-x…
The area code 0181 is used for international virtual private networks (international user groups). The length of the IVPN block number is three or four digits;the terminal number may be up to seven digits.
Numbers from 0191 to 0194 are used for dial-up access to online services (e.g. to the Internet).
0198… , 0199…
Numbers starting with 0198 and 0199 are reserved for routing of service numbers and network-internal use.
The numbers 031-0 and 031-1 are test numbers that will reach a recorded announcement indicating the selected carrier for long-distance and local calls, respectively.
National subscriber numbers have been allocated the area code 032. They are similar to geographic numbers but not tied to a specific location, allowing for nomadic use. Unlike personal numbers, national subscriber numbers as assigned to carries in blocks, from which these carriers can make derivative assignments to subscribers. The total length is eleven digits (not counting the 0).
The area code 0700 is used for personal numbering. Unlike national subscriber numbers, the numbers are assigned individually, allowing for vanity numbers.
The area code 0800 is assigned to freephone numbers. The numbers are assigned individually, allowing for vanity numbers.
The area code 0900 is assigned to premium-rate services. The first digit following the area code indicates the service type:
Prefix - Service Type -
0900-1 - Information services (no adult content)
0900-3 - Entertainment services (no adult content)
0900-5 - Other services (including those offering adult content)
The numbers are assigned individually, allowing for vanity numbers.
So-called „dialers“, that is programmes that call a premium-rate service or modify a computer's configuration to call such a service must use numbers using the area code 09009. These programmes must also be registered with the Federal Network Agency.

Emergency and Network Services
Network services are not dialled with the trunk prefix 0. They resemble local numbers that start with 11 but usually cannot be dialled after an area code.
110 - Police emergencies.
112 - All emergencies (Europe-wide). Originally fire emergencies only.
115 - This number allows uniform access to civil services. Requests are either answered directly or forwarded to the competent authority.
116xxx - These numbers are reserved for harmonised services of social value. The purpose of these numbers, i.e. the type of service, is defined for all EU Member States by the European Commission.
11800xx - Directory services.
19222 - Medical emergencies. This number is being phased-out as an emergency number in favour of the Europe-wide 112, with 19222 being retained for non-emergency medical transports. Conceptually, this number is not an emergency number but a local number assigned uniformly in all geographic area codes. This requires dialling the area code from mobile phones or other non-geographic lines. (Originally, the block 19xxx was used for local numbers assigned uniformly in all or several geographic area codes. All other allocations have already been converted to ordinary geographic numbers.)
In 1992, two years after the German reunification, the phone networks were merged. Geographic numbers in the New States were assigned the area code starting with 03, the area code 030, formerly used by West-Berlin, was assigned to re-unified Berlin.

The German phone network became fully digitised in 1997, allowing more flexible use of the numbering space.

On 1998-01-01, the Regulatory Authority for Telecommunications and Postal Services (now renamed to Federal Network Agency) became the numbering authority for phone numbers in Germany.

Bundesnetzagentur ( Federal Network Agency ). Number Management - Nummerierungskonzept (Numbering Concept).
115 as special number
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